9th Age Doubles Results 2022

First Place Overall – (Life is Cheap) Chris Mince and Keith Bonneau

Second Place Overall – (Herman Cain Friendship Society) Neil Hamilton and Charles Sadler

Best Sports – (Random Happenings) Ryan Staudle and Chris MacDonald

Buckeye 2022 Final

1Life is CheapChris MinceVCKeith BonneauVS43
2Herman Cain Friendship SocietyCharles SadlerOKNeil HamiltonDE41
3No VasolineAndrew RapmundSEOBryan JenningsID36
4Undying Green TideGene PhelpsOGJoey JarbeauUD36
5Random HappeningsChris MacDonaldWDGRyan StaudleOG30
6WCWFergusHECJ SiskAsk21
7SOWSCorey LenigarDHConnor LenigarVS18
8Salty BitchesAlex MeyerBHMaxwell LeporaSE15

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