9th Age GT


This will be a 9th Age Fantasy Battles GT.  There is a 40k event, with its own rules pack. Contact Joe Elverson for information on that.


It is important to check in on time so we can make sure everyone has showed up and set the match ups. It will delay us if everyone waits until 930 to check in. BOTH DAYS. 2:45 per round.


9:00 AM          9:20AM           Check in at desk in lobby, unpack armies, have a seat in the auditorium. Turn in painting sheet before Round 1.

9:30 AM                                  Announcements

9:45 AM                                 Table assignments IF everyone checks in promptly

10:00 AM        12:45 AM        Round 1

12:45 PM        1:30 PM          Lunch provided. Display army for paint scoring/gen choice

1:30 PM          4:15 PM          Round 2

4:15 PM          4:45 PM          Vote for generals choice. Please leave armies out

4:45 PM          7:30 PM          Round 3 Turn in Generals Choice vote before leaving.


9:00 AM          9:30 AM          Check in again at front desk so we know everyone is here.

9:45 AM                                 Table assignments.  IF everyone checks in promptly

10:00AM         12:45PM       Round 4

12:45PM         1:30 PM          Lunch provided.

1:30 PM          4:15 PM          Round 5

4:15 PM          5:00 PM          Clean up and final tabulations.  Players are asked to help

pack up tables and terrain (Thank you!)

5:00 PM                                  Awards


Friday 9th Age Doubles $15 per player

Sat/Sun 9th Age GT $50

Email truckeye@aol.com for payment and registration.

Payment is the only way to hold a spot. This includes the waiting list.

Refunds: Full refund through April 30th, 75% refund through May 31st.   No refunds after June 1st


  1. Legible copies of your list must be provided to your opponent after each game. This will be an OPEN list event. Take time to add up the scores correctly. Use your opponents list to verify the victory points are correct.
  2. Armies should be 4500pts from The 9th Age Fantasy Battles website. Army and main rules released by June 30 2018 will be in effect. List turned in by June 20 10pts, June 30 is 5pts. 0pts in July. We hope to publish all lists in advance. If you change your list for any reason, the change date will be used as your submission date. 

General Gaming 

  1. Look up rules issues. If you call a judge, they will have the final word. No exceptions.
  2. No swearing or offensive language or actions. You may be warned or asked to leave without a refund depending on the offense and/or number of offenses.
  3. Roll your dice in an open area and make sure your opponent can see them. Reroll cocked dice and dice that do not land on the playing table.
  4. When you are done with a game, you may watch other games in process. Please be considerate of the players. It can be distracting to have a group watching and commenting on your game.
  5. Do not start a turn that you cannot finish in the remaining time of the round.


Terrain is preset and should not be moved. If terrain is moved during the game or appears pushed to one particular area, take turns placing terrain before rolling for deployment. 

Tournament Scoring 

Tournament scores will be totaled from the following:

  • Battle Points from Game Rounds (0-20) per round
  • Sportsmanship (0-25)
  • Painting Scores (0-25)
  • List turned in by June 20 10pts, June 30 is 5pts. 0pts in July


At the end of each game, you will be asked to complete a sportsmanship questionnaire up to 5 points per round. 3pts will be based on yes/no questions. 2pts will be based on your general impression.

At the end of the tournament you will also be asked to vote for the ‘Favorite Opponent’ amongst those players you played over the weekend. Keep track of who you played on the sheet provide in the event pack. You may assign two Favorite Opponent points to one person that you played and one Favorite Opponent point to another person that you played. You may choose not to assign any bonus points at all.

The favorite opponent vote will add to the Best Sportsmanship Award.

Generals Choice 

Players vote for their favorite army for any reason such as theme, painting, composition or any reason they think should win an award. You can vote after round 1 and after round 2. Leave your army out with your name visible after round 1 and 2. Votes are due by the end of day 1.

Painting Scoring 

Fully painted armies are strongly encouraged. To meet this goal we are awarding fully painted armies points for the effort to have a coherently painted army that looks like it belongs together.

My army is fully assembled! Majority is unpainted or primered                                             0pts
I got some units completely done, but just ran out of time. Primer or unpainted units.      10pts
Almost done! 3 colors on everything, painted bases.  Banners done.  Not many details      20pts
Done! Everything is painted. Shaded/highlighted.  Bases have multiple colors, textures      23pts
Everything is painted, shaded, highlighted. There are details and conversions.                     25pts

WOW 20-25 points – This level will be the hardest to achieve, and will only be awarded to the very best armies.

The Best Presentation will be determined from those getting more than 20 points. The judges will not add any additional tournament points over 25.


Grudges are allowed if both players submit lists before June 30th. If you have ever finished in the top 10 at Buckeye Battles in the past, you can only grudge someone who has also previously finished in the top 10 at Buckeye Battles.


Best Overall (1st-3rd).  A combination of Battle Points, Sportsmanship, Painting, and any bonus points. Battle points is the tiebreaker. Victory points are 2nd tie breaker.  Sports is 3rd.

Best General. Battle Points, with Victory points then Sportsmanship as tiebreaker.

Best Sportsmanship. Most Sports points + bonus points from Best Sport vote, Battle points tiebreaker.

Overall Team Award. The top 3 players from any club or team will be factored into a team score and awarded the best team.  Sportsmanship scores will be tie breaker. +50pts for a team banner.

Most Sporting Team. ALL players from any club or team in sports will be added up and divided by the number of players from that team for a team sports score. +50pts for a team banner.  Battle points will be the tie breaker.

Best Presentation. Painting score + evaluation from the judges. Sportsmanship is the tiebreaker. Mark your paint sheet if you wish to be considered for Best painted and set your army on display in the designated area, center stage during lunch after round 1, day 1.

Generals Choice. This is based on Theme, Appearance, and/or anything you like about the armies on display.

Best of each army. Sorted by overall ranking.

Wooden Mallet. Last place battle points, sports as tiebreaker.

Moar Lootz! A player cannot win both Best Overall and Best General. OR Best Painted and Players Choice. Any other combo is possible such as Best Overall and Best of Race.

Plenty of door prizes! Each player will be given tickets to put with the prizes they want.  You may purchase additional tickets for the drawing.

What to Bring 

  • 9th Age rules, Magic Paths, and Army Rules for your army.
  • Dice (including special ones) and a tape measure or range rulers.
  • At least six printed copies of your army list one for you and one for your opponents
  • Superglue (for repairs).
  • This rules pack with the schedule to reference between rounds.





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