Buckeye Battles is the largest Independent Grand Tournament in Ohio for 9th Age Fantasy Battles.

What is Buckeye Battles?

  1. Buckeye Battles is a 2 day event with five competition games rounds
  2. Any miniatures are allowed as long as they are similar to what they are supposed to represent
  3. We allow unpainted miniatures
  4. We use 9th Age Fantasy Battles rules.

We believe in a fun event, where everyone can compete and have a good time.  Our format and scenarios lend itself to this belief.  It’s a great compliment from our players, when they say that they don’t feel burnt out after our event.

Our sponsor club is the Central Ohio Warhammer Slackers, a loose group of gamers who game weekly at the Guardtower.  As our club name indicates, we’re slackers. To get organized enough to put on an Indy GT and winter GT takes some serious effort.

Big Thanks to our Slacker Volunteers who put on and help with this event. Without you, our  great terrain doesn’t get made and the line judges don’t walk the floor.

Special Thanks to:

Jeff – Without you this would have never happened.

Tom/Justin – Website, planning, and scoring….somebodies got to do it

Bill – Our winter GT guru and fellow planner/scorekeeper

Chad – Thank you for the donation of your venue, the theater has been a great asset to our tournament

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