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Str3ng7h 1n Num83rs 2021

August 21-22, 2021
The Toledo Game Room
3001 W.Sylvania
Toledo, OH 43613

Entry: $100 per team ($25 per player)
Send email registration to Jeff Parkhurst at truckeyeATaolDOTcom
Paypal payment can be sent to the same address.

The primary goal of Strength in Numbers is to foster teamwork, camaraderie, and friendly competition in a fun atmosphere. This event is designed to pit a team of four players vs another team in a series of 1v1 games that result in a single team score.

The team is composed of four players and an optional non-playing captain.  A player may be captain for his team if a non-playing captain is not present.

The person deemed team captain is responsible for all team interaction with the TO on behalf of the team and with other team captains.  Primarily this will be the collecting and distributing of the army lists and hashing out rules issues.  The captain will represent the team for any changes that may be put to a vote.  If the captain is not one of the four players, he will be asked to help judge disputes at tables not involving his team members.

The team will include four, 4500 point army lists from four different official army books using 9th Age Fantasy Battles rules.   Miniatures must accurately portray what they represent.  Only in the case of a last minute drop out or emergency are proxies allowed within reason.  Submit any such situation to the TO as soon as possible for a ruling.

Painting.  Painting is highly encouraged, but not required this year.

Sportsmanship.  Will be based on your interaction during the game.   Positive, Neutral, Negative.  Ideally everyone will score max points.  There will be an award for the team with the best sports score.  If a team gets 3 or more negative sportsmanship votes total during the 5 rounds, they will be ineligible to win the Best Overall award.  A player giving out a negative score will be asked to explain it to the TO.  Take this into consideration when selecting your players.

Deployment and Secondary Objectives.  Each round all games will use the same Deployments.

Round 1 – Marching Columns
Round 2 – Refused Flank
Round 3 – Encircle
Round 4 – Dawn Assault
Round 5 – Counter Thrust

Captains will roll off to assign Secondary Objectives to pairings.  The Winner of the roll chooses if he wants to be Player A or Player B.

Assigning Secondary Objective cards will start with Player A, then Player B, then Player B and then Player A again.

Pairings.  This is an open list event.  Captains will submit lists for their team by July 31st.  The captains and TO will review and score lists online.  Once agreed on the content and score of all lists, captains can plan with their teams how to approach the event.

The System:

Captains use the following process to create player pairings:

Each captain will put forward one list, face down. We will call it the Vanguard list.   When both are ready they reveal the lists simultaneously.  Then each captain will put forward 2 lists for the opposing captain to choose which will face his initial list.  These are called the Reaction Force.  Each Captain will assign an opposing Reaction Force list each to his Vanguard List and his remaining “Reserve List.”

After pairings are determined, teams have 5min to discuss strategy.   Rounds will last 2.5 hours after the 5min skull session.  Once the round starts, there is no advice allowed other than, letting other players know how you are doing or finished.  This must be loud enough for both players to hear.  No whispering to avoid advice issues.

Example of player pairings:

Captain America puts forward his Vanguard list, while Captain Crunch puts out his Vanguard list.  Both are face down.   They reveal the lists.

Both Captains choose two of the remaining three lists to be their Reaction Force lists that they would like to face off vs the opponent’s Vanguard and hands them to the opposing Captain.  Captains then select one of the opposing Reaction lists to face his Vanguard List.  He then assigns the remaining Reaction Force list to his Reserve List.  The end result is each captain is selecting two match ups.

Then both Captains roll off.  Jeff wins the roll and chooses to be Player A.  He assigns the first Secondary Objective card to one of the pairings.  The opposing Captain chooses the next two Secondary Objectives and assigns them to pairings.  Jeff then selects a Secondary Objective card (from the remaining 3) and assigns it to the final pairing.

Simple right?  Use some playing cards and follow the example, 4 red and 4 black suits.  It just works better with a visual.

Terrain:  Terrain is preset.

Scoring.  Each match will be scored using rules in the 9th Age Rulebook.


Teams will score a maximum of 60 points and a minimum of 20 points per round.

 Team Awards:

Best Overall

Runner Up

Best Sports

4 plaques per team.  If a non-playing captain is involved with a team that wins Best Overall I will order a 5th plaque and mail it.

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