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2010 Feedback

Thanks again for the wonderful event. All three of us had a blast in our games, with the event, and of course with the results. We talked a lot on the way back and all agreed that you could charge more and we would not even hesitate. Most of the events are ~$70 now so it is such a bargain you may even have travelling players overlook the event thinking it is too cheap to be great. Brian

Wow! I am still thrilled with the past weekend. I would like to thank you and your staff for putting on such a great event! I was impressed with the way everything was run. The efficiency, the politeness, and the professional attitude of everyone involved.

I am already planning on coming back next year and I have started thinking of my next army and themed diorama. If you need additional help, I am willing to volunteer my time for anything you might need done.Thanks, take care, and see you next year, Stephan

Feedback from prior years

Hey, thanks again for a great tournament. While a couple of had a game that wasn’t super fun, we all at least 4 games that were good games against good (or great) guys, on great tables, with great scenarios, at a very, very, well run even. Thanks! Chris

Had a such a blast last year that I am taking a break from my 3 jobs and 6 month sabbatical from warhammer to come to this tourney! Can’t wait to get there. -Jason

In summation: Buckeye Battles’ comp made it a superior event for all those who attended, kept out the most egregious of armies, and ensured that no one had to play vs. a wildly outmatched opponent/army until the last round. In essence, it was a near-perfect solution to the comp issue for what seems like everyone who was involved. Xtapl on the Warhammer Forums

You banding of armies is the only reason I will bring the army (ie softer), I love the way you guys run the 1st day of the tourney – Jon

This was a great event last year, one of the best tournaments I have been to in my over 20 years on on again, off again warhammer tournament attendance. I would totally be going this year, except that I scheduled a vacation trip to begin the same weekend (I guess I understand now why my Dad was always putting stuff on his calendar like 18 months in advance). I’ll do better to protect my schedule next year and try to make it out to Columbus in July of 2010. Chris

I had a great time. The event is getting pretty big so pat yourself on the back for that. Its one of the most laid back and fun tourneys I have been too. Thanks again for keeping me in touch with all the up to date news and things. Joe

You guys had a great event, Iove coming to it.  Everyone in my group said they got a personal email from you and communication was great.  You just don’t see that at many events.   Matt

Congrats on the full tourney. to be 100% honest I don’t think i have seen another tourney ever have 70 people, and all of them having paid, with the exception of Adepticon. Just proves the point that If you do a good job, they will come. Gary

I had a blast at the buckeye in 08 and am coming again in 09 the banding system made for “nice “on “nice ” and dirty on dirty for the first day so you dont spend all day facing deamons and dirty vampires well mine arn’t dirty =_) ! This year is shaping up to be even better I highly recomend it in fact their are 16 of us driving over 5 hours for it.  Mark

I definitely had a great time at the tourney, I probably would have handed out more best sports votes to my opponents had I been allowed. It was quite possibly the best tourney I’ve ever attended. Nathan

We all had a great time. Normally after a big tournery I put the game down for a couple weeks. Me and the guys are meeting tuesday at the Shop to play, just like we did in the weeks leading up to your event…we all still want to play. That I think is the highest praise…we played until we were worn out but didn’t get burnt out. Thanks again. Mark

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