9th Age Team Event

Buckeye Battles Doubles Event 2018 Rules Pack – Buckeye Doubles Tournament Rules 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018!  Dice roll at 10 AM!

2000 point Warbands per player (Teams must consist of two different armies)

Army Rules

  • Army Composition:   2000 points using the rules for Warbands.
  • We will be using version of the rules as the Buckeye GT.
  • Each contingent must field two DIFFERENT armies! I.E. – No Dwarf and Dwarf teams, etc.
  • Present your army lists to your opponents prior to the game.
  • Sylvan Elves are allowed their free forests, however they must be of the appropriate size as described in their Army Book, and complete with trees (no pieces of paper). It will also be scored for paint.
  • Each Team will be considered a single Army for spell generation purposes. Please follow the guidelines as stated in the Fantasy Battles: 9th Age Rules Book. If your army contains Wizards, any Path(s) that each wizard chooses MUST be declared in their army list.
  • Each Team will be considered a single army for Special Equipment as described in the Fantasy Battles: 9th Age Rules Book.
  • Players may NOT purchase Battle Standard Bearers.
  • You may use your Teammate’s General’s “Commanding Presence” special rule as “Rally Around the Flag” instead.
  • Each Teammate’s units are considered friendly units and can be targeted by Augment spells and buffs from Special Rules. They may not be targets of Hex’s, or damage spells ect.
  • Power/Dispel Dice and Veil Tokens may be shared and divided between the two as the Team see fit.
  • Teammates may make dispel attempts for each other’s units.
  • Units controlled by your Teammate can cause Panic in your units, if conditions are met.
  • Your Characters MAY NOT join your Teammate’s units.

Special Rules for Alliances

There are no Special Rules for Alliances this year!  Bring whatever combination you’d like!

List Submission

Please submit all lists to chandlergriz@gmail.com. Please submit BOTH player’s lists in the same email with your team name and player’s names and your team name as the subject line. Please place your name on your list when submitting. If any of this information is missing the list will be sent back for corrections.

Teams with submitted lists on or before July 1 will receive half the bonus points.  (5 points)

Teams with submitted lists on or before June 20 will receive full bonus points.  (10 points)

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