Warhammer Fantasy Doubles Results 2013

2013 Warhammer Fantasy Team Results

Best Theme: Waagh on a Stick (Carter and Beard)
Best Overall Team: Not sure (Burgy and Manhart)
Rubber Mallet: Screw You Mooney (Miner and Jarvis)

Place Team Name Player 1 Army1 Player 2 Army2 Total
1 Not Sure Justin Burgy Warriors of Chaos Jaymes Manhart Deamons of Chaos 75
2 Brofessionals John Cocumelli Vampire Counts Ian Lovera Empire 70
3 Fluffy Bunnies Taras Toprowych Dogs of War Eric Weidus Warriors of Chaos 65
4 Bad Goat Puns Fred Sharp Empire Steve Gruenwald Wood Elves 64
4 We Got This Robert Chenevert Deamons of Chaos Andrew Sherman Warriors of Chaos 64
6 Eversole/Holt Jason Eversole Deamons of Chaos Holt Deamons of Chaos 61
7 Chaos Todd Piotrowskit Warriors of Chaos Nate Rhone Deamons of Chaos 59
8 Unholy Alliance Corey Leniger Vampire Counts Rob Phenuef Tomb Kings 58
9 Team Stankadon Justin Chandler Lizardmen Scott Snider Empire 54
10 Waagh oh a stick John Carter Orcs and Goblins Tim Beard Beastmen 53
10 Team Ham Sandwich Matt Carter Tomb Kings Josh Patton Skaven 53
10 Dwarfs of Albion Mike Carter Dwarf Bill Robertson Bretonnia 53
13 Ricks Riders Rick Goetz Lizardmen Ralph Orcs 52
14 Screw You Mooney William Miner Skaven Jamie Jarvis High Elves 50

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